Recycled Plastic Rating


Giving single-use plastic a second life

What will the RPR do?

Divert millions of tonnes of waste plastic from entering the environment, and reduce carbon emissions by 70%.

Empower consumers at point of purchase to choose products wrapped in recycled plastic packaging.

Force recyclers and local authorities to invest in the UK recycling infrastructure.

Easily recognisable and understandable by manufacturers and consumers globally

Why do we need it?

The research

80% Of consumers are concerned about the impact plastic packaging has on the environment

60% Of people are confused about which type of plastic packaging is most harmful to the environment

79% Of consumers would like to choose packaging that does not harm the environment

Current on pack symbols

28 different marks currently exist showing whether or not packaging is recyclable.

ZERO marks exist to show the exact percentage of recycled content in packaging.

“For the first time ever in Britain, plastic has become a more important purchase driver than price”
Independent survey conducted by Populus April 2019

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