Why should I get involved?

Be part of the progressive brand revolution

Participating companies can show that they exceed the government’s minimum prescribed 30% target, thus avoiding taxation in 2022.

Your company will also avoid the risk of losing the market share to progressive brands.

What we need from you

The Chain of custody documentation for each SKU or range of SKUs is as follows:

The certification process is broken down into three stages.

Steps 1-3 – Business Registration;

  • Brands will provide proof (by means of purchase orders) showing that they have bought Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) material from trusted recyclers.
  • There will be a warranty attached from the company director confirming the percentage of PCR used in each packaging component.
  • A mass balance calculation will then determine the total percentage of PCR in the packaging.

Step 4 – RPR Audit;

  • If all documentation is satisfactory, the RPR will be audited by a third party and then issued for the company to use on its packaging and marketing collateral.

We anticipate with the full registration, verification and certification process it could cost between £2k – £5k*, depending on the verification complexity, and the number of proposed SKUs.

* Infringement and the misuse of the RPR trademark, logo or slogan without appropriate permission will be a breach of IP regulation and will incur appropriate penalties